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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning and Presevation

Wedding Dress Preservation Keeps Both Your Gown and Memories for Generations to Come

Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning and Presevation

Your wedding gown is the single most important and most special dress that you will ever wear in your life. If you don't care for it properly, it will almost be as if you were throwing it away.

Keeping your bridal gown in good condition is not just a matter of storing it. It needs to be cleaned and preserved first. You may be tempted to give wedding gown cleaning a try yourself in order to save some money; however, wedding dress stain removal can be tricky – you might end up doing more harm than good to your gown.

Why You Should Have Your Dress Cleaned Professionally

  • Not all stains are created equal. Different kinds of stains should be treated differently in order to be effectively removed. Soap and water will not always do. Only a professional wedding gown dry cleaning company will know the best way to deal with a particular stain, be it grass, wine, or makeup.


  • Not all fabrics are created equal, either. Taffeta, polyester, silk, satin, chiffon, lace... There isn't just one method for cleaning all of these fabrics. Again, only a pro will know what to do.


  • Most professional wedding dress dry cleaning services can also preserve your accessories for you. Your handkerchief, veil, and garter are just as important, too!


  • Pressing your bridal dress by yourself can be a difficult task as well, especially if the garment has a lot of beads and/or sequins sewn onto it. Nylon tulle also melts easily.


  • You've most likely never cleaned a wedding gown before. Lack of experience risks ruining your beloved dress. You might accidentally tear the cloth, or set a stain deeper into the fabric.


  • It's more convenient! Let the pros take care of the bridal dress cleaning while you enjoy doing other things.


Remember to take your garment to a professional wedding gown dry cleaning and wedding dress preservation company as soon as possible, ideally within six weeks after the wedding. Don't keep it in your closet or attic for months or years without getting it cleaned first. Over time, stains will begin to set into the cloth, making them more difficult to remove. Moreover, age and exposure to sunlight can cause the fabric to weaken and turn yellow.

Why You Can Trust Bouquet Cleaners to Do the Job for You

Bouquet Cleaners provides professional wedding dress preservation, bridal gown dry cleaning, and wedding dress stain removal services. With three locations in Santa Clarita, we offer an easy and convenient way to keep your wedding gown looking as stunning as it did on your wedding day.

You may want to keep your wedding dress as a keepsake for yourself, as an heirloom for future generations, or to make it into a Christening outfit or baby bedding for your children. Whatever your reason, entrusting your wedding gown to Bouquet Cleaners will ensure that you can do just that.

If you can't personally drop off or pick up your dress, we can pick up and deliver it for you. Our normal service is finished and ready for pick up or delivery within 1-2 weeks.

To contact us for any inquiries or to request a service quote, you may call us at (661) 297-3856.